Tuesday 19 September 2017

Can We Set The Owner Of Record To User Who Does Not Have Object Permission?

Arpit Sharma

In this tutorial we will see, can we set the owner of a record to a user who does not have object permission?

Salesforce provide us a feature to change owner of record but one question come in my mind, can we change owner if user does not have object permission?

So I try below example

1. Created two user u1 and u2.
2. Created one object TestOwner.
3. Given all permission to profile of u1 for TestOwner object.
4. Removed all permission from profile of u2 for TestOwner object.
5. Login to user u1 and created record of TestOwner.
6. Now try to set owner of record to u2.
7. Salesforce stop me change the owner of record to u2 and display message i.e new owner of the record must have at least “Read” permission on TestOwner.

So to change owner of record, new user must have at least read permission on profile for object of that record.

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