Friday 22 December 2017

Lightning Basics Part 3: How Enable Custom Domain

Arpit Sharma
In Previous Part, we see Why Need of custom domain. Now We will see how we can configure a custom domain in salesforce for lightning. So Let's Begin with one by one step.

Step 1: Click on Setup.

Step 2: Domain Managment - > My Domain

Step 3: Enter Unique Domain name here which show your company brand, It can be 40 characters, Include numbers and hyphens, but can't be start or end with a hyphen

Step 4: Click on Check Availablity button to check whether or not your entered domain not used by others.

Step 5: Then Click on Register Domain

Step 6: In Few Minutes you will receive domain ready for testing email on your email id.

Step 7: Now Again go to Domain Managment - > My Domain Then clicks on the login button to test your domain Internally.

Step 8: Then Click on deploy to user button to redirect all URL to your new domain.

So We have successfully set up our custom domain. Let me know If you face any issue.

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